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02 Jan

Why is Gurney Drive always dirty?

For the longest time now, there has always been complains of the horrible smelly, dirty beach front of Gurney Drive. Of course, the public will always blame the council for not doing their duty. I used to do that too until recently, when I’ve started taking regular walks there, I noticed something.

It is NOT the council’s fault that Gurney Drive is dirty. On the contrary, it is THE PUBLIC’S FAULT that the beachfront is dirty. These are my observations on my walks along Gurney Drive:

Council workers sweep and collect piles of rubbish strewn across the beach, the road, the crevices of the rocks on the beach and the whole area at least twice a day. I can see probably hundreds of kg of rubbish was collected EACH DAY.

So, is the council doing their job or neglecting their duty? I don’t know about you, even I DON’T sweep and clean my house TWICE A DAY! Don’t forget, the council is in charge of cleaning up the WHOLE of George Town so they also have to allocate workers in other areas. So, I feel that all this ‘It’s the council’s fault that Gurney Drive is dirty’ crap is really NONSENSE. Why do I say that? Read on.

At least 7 out of 10 people who ‘picnics’, hang around or just spend time there DO NOT use the rubbish bins provided. As far as they are concerned, those plastic rubbish bins are for decoration and any rubbish they have, they leave it on the ground, on the ledge, on the seats or the more ‘hardworking’ ones, they throw it INTO THE SEA / BEACH.

So, is it the council’s fault that Gurney Drive is dirty? Who put the rubbish there in the first place? The council or the public? It is the IRRESPONSIBILITY of the litterbugs that caused Gurney Drive to be dirty.

Just think, the council workers cleaned it up in the morning and then by noon, idiots have already left their litter strewn around. Council workers did a second round of cleaning up and by late evening, more morons have left MORE litter.

It is a vicious, never ending cycle. ALL THANKS TO LITTERBUGS of Penang. So, Gurney Drive is dirty BECAUSE of irresponsible idiots who litter. Unless these people change their mentality, there is no solution to it.

And if you still want to blame the council for not enforcing by summoning the people for littering. Let me tell you it will not work because there IS NO political will for this to happen! BN government, PR government, bah, they are all the same.

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26 Nov

We have an interesting weekend ahead of us in Penang

Looks like there are quite a lot of interesting events coming up this weekend SO if you are dreading another boring weekend stuck in front of the telly, don’t fret it. Plenty of interesting activities to enjoy. Now, first up, have you heard of Asimo, the humanoid robot from Honda?

Well, he’s in Penang. Here are the details:

Meet Asimo

Where: Queensbay Mall

When: Thurs – Sunday (Nov 27 – 30)

Time: 11am – 8pm, appearances at 2 hourly intervals

Note: there is also a Doraemon event going on at Queensbay so it’s another bonus!

If robots aren’t your stuff, then check these out…

Penang Floral Fest – Floral Fantasy

Where: Penang Botanic Gardens

When: Sat (Nov 29) – Sunday (Dec 7)

Time: 9am – 7pm

Shows and events there:

Children drawing competition: Nov 29, 9am

Official opening at Penang Botanic Garden: Nov 30, 9.30am – noon

Floral competition: Nov 29, 9am

Floral parade: Nov 30, 9am

Floral Fairy Competition, Nov 30, 9am

Orchid Show and Competition at Formal Garden

Adenium show & Competition at Formal Garden

Floral Art Exhibition at Information Center

Garden / Landscape Competition,

Floral Enclave Exhibition,

Nature Education Outreach Exhibition

Pesta Pulau Pinang

Where: Pesta site, Sungai Nibong

When: Nov 29 – Dec 31

Time: 6pm – 11.30pm

Entrance: RM3 per person & RM1 for children

Christmas at Little Penang Street Market

Where: Upper Penang Road

When: Sunday (Nov 30)

Time: 11am – 6pm

Events: Mek Mulung, Jazz, Christmas carols

Oh and I almost forgot:

DAP Victory Dinner

Who: Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang

Where: Han Chiang School

When: Friday (Nov 28)

Time: 7.30pm

Contact: 04-2288482

So, there you have it. From robots to flowers to Christmas carols. Should be interesting enough. As for what’s been happening in Penang for the past week or so…here are some links to the top news in Penang:

1. Unesco heritage listing: Height of new projects capped at 18m – The Sun

2. 23-storey hotel may jeopardise heritage listing says Teng – The Sun

3. Penang PPP to BN: Shape up or we ship out – Malaysiakini

4. Hindraf slams police over prayer warning – Malaysiakini

5. Gerakan: Use our plan – NST

6. More protest WiFi plan – The Star

7. Don’t speculate on signboard vandalism says police – The Star

8. New life for Penang Road – The Star

9. We used same guide, says Guan Eng – NST

10. Penang told to study impact of projects at heritage sites – The Sun

11. No reckless clearing at Botanic Gardens – The Sun

12. Kings of Tennis inquiry findings to be made public next month – The Sun

13.  Shopping haven is next – NST

And of course, there are the news about the multilingual road signs and the vandalism and etc. Too sick and tired about all those crap so not going to add links to the news of that here.

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