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Foong is a normal human being blogging entirely about Penang events, happenings, some reviews of things, food and places and personal rants in this blog and at the main homepage, Foong Speaks Her Mind. This site is also a mirror site for her old blog, Penang Views and Stories, so if you read this blog, don’t bother going there. However, only occasionally she will post something different there.

She is doing this merely to vent and to inform. She does not serve any political party, does not have any political agenda and most importantly does not do this for anyone but herself.

What she blogged about may or may not concern you but if you don’t like it here, you are free to use the mouse and go away.

Q: Who is Foong?

A: A woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an enemy, a blogger and an alien lifefrom from Planet Bitch.

Q: Where is Foong?

A: DUH! Please look at the header.

Q: How to contact Foong?

A: Creativity will get you anywhere. If all else failed and it is a matter of life and death, you call the police / fire and rescue department / 911 / your father / your mother / anyone but me. I am not a superhero and I can’t save lives. If it is urgent business matter, you can try Penangviews at

Final note: I do not work for you. I don’t owe you anything. I blog for myself and myself only. Get that, understand it and you shall be fine here.

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    Jane Priya Says:

    I am actually a reporter from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp) based in KL, I am trying to do a story on bloggers in Penang particularly those on politics and how you will report on the bi elections at Permatang Pauh, can you kindly contact me on the email address above, maybe you can also give me some other contacts or suggestions in regards to this. I will be in Penang from Sunday 24th August 08, evening onwards!

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