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01 May

Penang General Elections 2013

I’ve actually stopped blogging for many years due to other commitments…then I saw a lot of people are commenting in this ‘dead’ blog so I suppose it could be due to the general elections that’s ongoing now.

Well, just to keep the record straight, the previous posts here are from way back…like many, many, many years ago…back in 2009 I think so those stuffs are really outdated.

Only this post is new.

So, this May 5, everyone goes to the polls. Predictions are all over the place, some say Putrajaya may fall, some say it will not. However, one thing is constant. Penang seemed pretty strong – as in it seemed like Penang is very much a Pakatan Rakyat or DAP stronghold. Nothing seemed to shake the Penangites from voting for the scales ever again.

Here’s my brief look on the campaign so far:

1Malaysia Dinners and lucky draws

These are happening every single day since before nominations, before actual campaigning can start. It’s free food everywhere and everyone knows, Penangites LOVE free food. So of course, these events attract droves of Penangites who would not turn out any freebies. They get free food, free entertainment, free blue T-shirts with the 1Malaysia logos, even free lucky draws. Hell, plenty of them must think, wow, FREE food!!! Let’s go.

Will this affect the support for DAP or Pakatan Rakyat?

HAH. Penangites may be cheapskates who love their free food but don’t ever think that they are fools. You can ply them with free hawker fare, free beer, free fancy dinners, free lucky draws but when it comes to voting, they will still pick the rocket.


No, not because they are an ungrateful bunch. Because they are not so easily bought!

You see, why should they vote for a certain party just because they give free food? Are our votes so cheap and unimportant that we should use it to show our ‘gratefulness’ for the free food? Seriously?

It is like giving up your rights because you were given one free meal. I mean, Penangites are not dumb okay?

So, personally, I think these 1Malaysia dinners and freebies will not do anything to change the voters’ minds.

Undersea Tunnel

Frankly, much as the boys in blue like to harp on it, most Penangites don’t give a damn. Except for the crazy tree-huggers, anti-development retirees who have nothing better to do than to protest every single development.

Another link to the mainland? Sure, why not. I don’t object and I don’t really care much. As with most selfish Penangites, as long as it does not affect their homes directly or their pockets directly, they don’t give a damn.

True fact. Go ask any sane Penangite. No, not those NGO-ish types, those types are meant to oppose everything and anything any establishment propose.

CAT and Lim Guan Eng and Buletin Mutiara

Much as I am pretty sick of him and his CAT policies, his public relations campaign which he started from the moment he became chief minister is a success! His personal newsletter, Buletin Mutiara, is the best thing he had ever thought up to “sell” himself as the best chief minister ever.

Why? Because now, Penangites all know about how he cleared the debts, how he managed to turn the state accounts around, how he managed to get surpluses, how he implement this or that programme. Don’t forget his numerous welfare programmes that started with the RM100 for senior citizens that has been expanded to include other programmes – golden child, golden student, single mothers, disabled, etc.┬áHe even made the BN fellas copy him when BR1M was introduced and the student programme also introduced by the federal government. He actually managed to shame the BN fellas into doing something for the people.

There they are calling his policies “populist” and yet they are doing the same thing. *rolls eyes* Politicians!

So, to cut a long story short, Lim Guan Eng, is a favourite amongst the average Penangite. He’s like a celebrity here. He’s no longer merely “Kit Siang’s son” like back in 2008. He is now THE Lim Guan Eng. It will be pretty hard to take him down from the pedestal that everyone has placed him on so he is here to stay.

Gerakan and BN in Penang

Are not as hated but they are not liked either. Malay voters still support BN because of the anti-Malay label the managed to slap on DAP and Lim Guan Eng. Still, things are not looking good for these fellas. They may face a second wipe-out and this will be the end of them.

After all, what did they do when they were completely wiped-out in 2008?





So, you started picking up the pieces only in 2010 and started campaigning in 2011. Too late man.

Like I said. Penangites are NOT dumb idiots.

They may be selfish, greedy, shrewd, kedekut as hell and damn calculative but they are not stupid.

So, who’s gonna win this elections on May 5?

Don’t need a crystal ball to predict that Lim Guan Eng will still be the chief minister and Pakatan will still be the state government.

UNLESS the BN fellas have shifted tonnes and loads of their phantoms to Penang. That I’m not sure. I just find it suspicious that suddenly there are like thousands of new voters in certain areas. Like there’re 10,000 new voters in the backwaters of Balik Pulau. Like, really? Suddenly 10,000 people moved (or turned 21) to the kampung on the other side of the island?

We shall see then this May 5.

And if you don’t agree to my comments above, blardy eff off. You can go away. These are merely my observations. I do not support BN or Pakatan because both are politicians and I have always maintained, I don’t like politicians regardless of whichever party. Period.

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