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22 Mar

Of tiger parks, cable cars and the DCM I

Wow. It looks like Penang is such a happening place.

First there’s this whole rumour-thing about the DCM I going around for months already. Sounds like someone really had it in for him and wants him gone. Finally, he threw in the towel and has resigned.

So, who will be DCM I? Well, it looks like Abdul Malik, the exco who took over the former DCM’s religious affairs portfolio, is the next best candidate. It’s either him or the relatively unheard of Maktar Shapee of Sungai Bakap.

Then, we have the nature-lovers and environmentalists going all up in arms against the state government’s preprosterous proposal for cable cars to be built at Penang Hill. Really, this idea has been around for years and the reason it didn’t take off because it wasn’t very feasible. Besides, what tourism factor are they talking about? Do you see droves of tourists going to langkawi because of the cable cars? If anything, tourists are going to langkawi is because their beaches are way cleaner than ours.Not because of the cable cars. Sure, cable cars sounds like fun but heck, so do bungee jumping. Why not have that too, while they are at it? It is almost the same because with our culture of dis-maintenance, it is before long that the cable cars fall into disrepair and will prove as exciting as bungee jumping.

And the tiger park proposal is also another ‘duh’ factor.  A tiger park? Whatever for? The forestry department already thinks it is a great idea to shoot any tiger DESPITE THE FACT THAT THESE ARE ENDANGERED SPECIES just because they think it’s a killer tiger and we are talking about a tiger park here? Draw tourists? Yeah. Right. I am SO sure that people will start booking their flights and hotels in Penang just to see tigers.

I mean, if I go anywhere for a holiday especially in this economic downturn, I am sure it must be because of their cable cars and tiger parks. I mean what is a great holiday location without cable car rides and tigers locked behind small enclosures to gape at?

Never mind that the beach of that place is so dirty I am in danger of contracting some weird incurable skin disease after even dipping me toes in it.

Never mind that the taxi drivers are so rude and charge me 100 times more than the usual rate just because I am a tourist and the driver had determinedly refused to use the meter.

Never mind that the general cleanliness of the whole vacation place from tourist attractions to public toilets left much to be desired.

Who cares about hygiene, cleanliness and scrupulous taxi drivers when I can stare and gape at locked-up tigers and get to ride on cable cars? I mean, these are tigers I am talking about. And cable cars. Oh WOW. Cable cars are so much better than those loads of green stuff, otherwise known as trees, all around the hill. I mean, only weirdos won’t want cable cars instead of greenery.

Only a fool would prefer the pristine beaches of Phuket or the politeness of the Balinese.

And the Unesco heritage site of George Town is a total gem. I mean, we are talking about high rise buildings sticking up like sore thumbs in the midst of all those beautiful heritage enclaves. And what living heritage? Seems like the very living heritage of the town is dying out. But I am sure every single tourist that comes here wish to see high rise buildings within the heritage city and modernised buildings and more pubs and motels rather than the living, breathing cultures of the inner George Town.

I mean, pubs and loads of motels and boutiques are so much more interesting than businesses that have been handed down for generations and the people whose families have stayed there for generations. Nothing beats a cold draught of beer I tell you. Or an overpriced pair of shoes.

So, yeah, Penang is really a great and wonderful place what with the heritage city of George Town giving it prestige. It is…

Full of hillslope developments ready to tumble down anytime.

Full of high rise buildings, choking off the air and blocking up the views especially in middle of George Town.

Full of smog and smoke and pollution because the No Car Day *March 25* is just a fluke that not even the state government officials will pledge to, much less the general population.

Full of litter and rubbish in every nook and cranny because its people just do not care.

Full of rubbish politicians too busy mouthing off rather than solving problems.

Let us be the first state to be full of preposterous ideas like tiger parks and cable cars to draw more tourists. Maybe have a casino too. And Disneyland. Just cut off the whole of Penang Hill to build those. I am sure it can draw in more tourists.

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