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02 Jan

Why is Gurney Drive always dirty?

For the longest time now, there has always been complains of the horrible smelly, dirty beach front of Gurney Drive. Of course, the public will always blame the council for not doing their duty. I used to do that too until recently, when I’ve started taking regular walks there, I noticed something.

It is NOT the council’s fault that Gurney Drive is dirty. On the contrary, it is THE PUBLIC’S FAULT that the beachfront is dirty. These are my observations on my walks along Gurney Drive:

Council workers sweep and collect piles of rubbish strewn across the beach, the road, the crevices of the rocks on the beach and the whole area at least twice a day. I can see probably hundreds of kg of rubbish was collected EACH DAY.

So, is the council doing their job or neglecting their duty? I don’t know about you, even I DON’T sweep and clean my house TWICE A DAY! Don’t forget, the council is in charge of cleaning up the WHOLE of George Town so they also have to allocate workers in other areas. So, I feel that all this ‘It’s the council’s fault that Gurney Drive is dirty’ crap is really NONSENSE. Why do I say that? Read on.

At least 7 out of 10 people who ‘picnics’, hang around or just spend time there DO NOT use the rubbish bins provided. As far as they are concerned, those plastic rubbish bins are for decoration and any rubbish they have, they leave it on the ground, on the ledge, on the seats or the more ‘hardworking’ ones, they throw it INTO THE SEA / BEACH.

So, is it the council’s fault that Gurney Drive is dirty? Who put the rubbish there in the first place? The council or the public? It is the IRRESPONSIBILITY of the litterbugs that caused Gurney Drive to be dirty.

Just think, the council workers cleaned it up in the morning and then by noon, idiots have already left their litter strewn around. Council workers did a second round of cleaning up and by late evening, more morons have left MORE litter.

It is a vicious, never ending cycle. ALL THANKS TO LITTERBUGS of Penang. So, Gurney Drive is dirty BECAUSE of irresponsible idiots who litter. Unless these people change their mentality, there is no solution to it.

And if you still want to blame the council for not enforcing by summoning the people for littering. Let me tell you it will not work because there IS NO political will for this to happen! BN government, PR government, bah, they are all the same.

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4 Responses to “Why is Gurney Drive always dirty?”

  1. 1
    caravanserai Says:

    Gurney Drive
    Walk along in the evening breeze
    Many years ago while I was staying there
    Dirty beach for all to see

    The sun set glowing
    The sky peaked with starry stars
    Yet the debris floating in
    The people surrounding me
    They couldn’t care a bit

    The unconcerned parents
    The children bad habits
    All rubbish throwing in
    The bad image dirty place

    Rats and cockroaches
    Having fun at our dirty habits
    Throwing rubbish into the beach
    The line of unsightly debris
    The Pearl of the Orient
    She cried that day

    The government of the state
    Pushing up high rise buildings
    Bending on feeding the economy
    The bad habits never change

    The quick solution
    Jail them make them clean up the dirty beach
    Wearing tags to say
    ‘We must help the environment
    And keep the public places clean’

  2. 2
    Momo Says:

    The condos there do not have sea view anymore! More like mud view! Yikes!

    The Queensbay Mall sea front is destined to have the same fate as Gurney Drive.There are many hawkers’ vans along the road in the evening (looks like Gurney Drive years ago) and I have seen rats scampering around.

    I think hawkers should be banned from this stretch of road too.Why isn’t anyone doing anything about the hawkers? With the current economic situation, I would not be surprised if more people go into hawking food illegally for extra income.I guess they would be thinking ‘If ‘they’ can do it and get away with it. I am jumping on the band wagon too’

    Penang always have a big problem in this area ie: illegal hawkers. Looks like no one wants to touch this sensitive issue.

  3. 3
    Jay-P. Says:

    Sorry but how can the hawkers be responsible for the trash on Gurney drive? Agreed, they should use less styrofoam boxes and plastic bags but that is NOT the issue here.
    I agree with Foong. Irresponsible behaviour of the locals and visitors are the only culprits. Lots of people seem to be oblivious, uncapable of using basic common sense!

  4. 4
    Nurul Says:

    Dear Ms. Foong, it seems that you are a concerned Penangite. my name is nurul and im actually looking for someone whom i can liaise with to get volunteers from penang to help with a clean up project for penang botanical gardens area during this thaipusam (27 January 2013) we do this every year and our project is an all volunteer Non Profit Organization,it was founded in 2008 and is a movement to bring about attitudinal change in Malaysia’s littering habits.
    We segregate the waste generated on the clean up days, sell the recyclables and pump the money back into environmental initiatives.
    For the past 4 years, we have cleaned up Penang and Batu Caves after Thaipusam and the Maha Vihara after Wesak day.

    please if you could be of any help at all, do let me know. thank you! you could be in touch with me through this comment thread or if you could see my email, do email me. thank you very much!

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