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13 Nov

No Kings of Tennis this weekend but plenty of other events

I know a lot of tennis enthusiasts must have been crushed by the cancellation of this much awaited, much promoted, much talked about tennis event of all time in Penang.

Sad. But what to do? The organiser did not pay the producer so the players aren’t coming without being paid.

Never mind that the tickets to the event (costing RM200 – RM1200 each) for all 5000 seats were all sold out. The organisers just could not make the payment.  No, that’s not just hearsay. It’s in the news and for the actual detailed press statement from Kings of Tennis producer in Sweden, go here.

Oh alright, so the tennis thing is not going to happen but there’s plenty of other things you could go to.

For example, there’s an Anti-ISA candelight vigil over at Esplanade this Saturday night. Go here for details.

Just be careful when singing the national anthem when there. It may spark off some violent reactions from men in uniforms who will suddenly turn deaf and insist that they didn’t do it during the singing of the national anthem.

You just never know nowadays.

Not your thing? Never mind.

You can go for these…

A Night at the Theatre – a charity concert by Priscilla Ballet at Dewan Sri Pinang, Saturday night. Call 04-2276918 / 04-6448209 for details.

International Meatless Carnival – roadside next to the Esplanade, Sunday, 11am – 3pm.

A Night of Nostalgia – cutthroat high class dinner disguised as charity dinner at E & O Hotel, Friday night.Call Karen 012-4985119 for details.

I am definitely going for the international meatless day carnival. Mainly because I bought some coupons after being ‘attacked’ by a friend who had to sell them.

heheh..also, I’d stay away from the bridge and its vicinity this Sunday as it is the Penang International Bridge Run and roads will be closed, traffic congested, people running on the road, etc.

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4 Responses to “No Kings of Tennis this weekend but plenty of other events”

  1. 1
    Momo Says:

    Foong, you know anything about the Health and Beauty Fair that is happening this coming weekend?Is it to be a one-day event only in conjunction with the Line Dance event scheduled for the 23rd. Nov.? Normally this type of fair would be held over a 3 day period.

    There does not seem to be much publicity for these events. Is Danny Law in charge of this as well?

  2. 2
    Foong Says:

    Momo: No lar. It is a private event, not by Danny Law. I heard about the health and beauty fair but could not get details about it at all…the organisers are not doing a good job publicising it.

  3. 3
    Momo Says:

    This lack of publicity thing is very common. I pity the companies who have booked booths to sell/promote their products.There were many times I came to know about the events only AFTER the whole thing is over!

  4. 4
    Darrel Says:

    About King Of Tennis ….i dont want to comment , what have happen let it be history and be a lesson to MPPP and Penang State Goverment

    To when i was looking at the news, i saw Penang CM .. LIM G E …. spit out such words ..DOnt play play with Penang state goverment to GAMUDA …

    1st and foremost ….As a Cm of a state goverment dont you think you should talk and behave like a leader. The way you sounded is like a hank seh cantonese triad leader.

    To be frank i dont know what is happening between them but at least someone like LGE should put himself in a more honourable way of presenting himself…like for example Tan Sri Khalid then Menteri Besar of Selangor. Lim should behave more like him .

    Dont think that we voted you in, you can be on cloud nine.

    We cant vote you and we can overthrow you tooo..

    Some of LGE action is good and some is not so good to my view.

    But whatever it is i hope that LGE can behave like a state leader rather then a triad leader. Penang dont belong to HIM !

    Anyway i think Chow Kon Yeow should be the CM … becoz he is the DAP state chairman .. but you know la … LIM legacy …so i dont really care who is CM as long as they serve the Penang people


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