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06 Nov

At least they are willing to listen…

There is this group who are dead against the Penang WiFi project and they created so much fuss and noise that the CM is obliged to pretend listen to their views. So, this Saturday, there’s gonna be a forum on the Penang free WiFi project:

Venue: Komtar, Geodesic Dome

Time: 2pm

Date: Nov 8

It is open to the public and anyone can go there to air their opinions and views on the Penang WiFi project.

If you want this project, GO.

If you DON’T want this project, GO.

Oh, and while there, do speak up. According to the CM, if anyone can show concrete proof that WiFi is bad for health, he will cancel the project.

By the way, here are some other events in Penang you may be up to going for…

What: St Martin Celebration & Lantern Walk

Where: Malaysian-German Society, Air Itam

When: Saturday (Nov 8), 5.30pm – 8pm.

Contact: 04-2296853

What: Dealing with Grief and Loss Talk

Where: WOU, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

When: Saturday (Nov 8), 1.30pm – 5pm

Contact: 04-2289323

What: Interfaith Memorial Service

Where: Mount Miriam Hospital, Tanjung Bungah

When: Saturday (Nov 8),9.30am

Contact:04-893 2182

And here are some of the Penang news for this week or so…

1. Penang State Government Claimed it was conned by bogus Matex official – The Sun

Wahahahahah…that was so DARN ridiculous!

2. Granny among 15 smokers caught puffing in public placesThe Sun

And who says grannies can’t smoke?

3. Suit against road signs – Malaysiakini

Haih…mo ngan tai…(Sigh…don’t even want to bother anymore)

4. Penang Gerakan backs multi-lingual road signs – Malaysiakini

5. Does Penang need another golf course – The Star

6. Work on doubletrack railway to resume – The Star

7. Police busted men frolicking while clad in only towels – NST

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