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22 Oct

Hey, YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, please grow some balls and admit it!

As I have written in a post in my other Penang blog(it’s actually my original first blog before I got my own domain), the Asean Cultural Centre is a total failure with only a scraggly few stalls open and nothing else.

Then, as if it has nothing to do with him at all, the tourism exco Danny Law Heng Kiang starts pointing fingers and blamed everything and everyone except for the CM on his absolute total failure in organising the annual Pesta Pulau Pinang bazaar.

He blamed the lack of publicity for the failure. Of course, instead of shouldering the responsibility, he blamed the management company in charge.

Yep. Hell, you are the state exco in charge of tourism, culture, arts and heritage FFS! Instead of doing what you are supposed to do, you start blaming others when your project fails.

Please, grow a pair of these already

Please, grow a pair of these already - image 'borrowed' from

You know, when these DAP fellas took over the government, my first thought was “Err…are they prepared and up to it?”. Then as the days go by, it is obvious they aren’t all that prepared. But still, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

After all, they are new. We should always give newbies a chance. They will learn eventually. Yeah. Sure.

Admittedly some of them are pretty good in what they do. They actually do their jobs. Although I still feel darn annoyed when they still seem to be stuck in the Opposition mentality of blaming the former state government for everything, I thought, okay, they need time to adjust.

But then there are some of them who seemed stuck in a time warp. They are permanently stuck in an opposition mentality and all they know is to point the finger and blame. The thought of taking matters into their own hands and SOLVING the issue never crossed their minds.

Looks like Law Heng Kiang is one of them. You are a blardy exco FFS. Do your job. If you can’t even organise a successful Pesta Pulau Pinang which has become sorta a trademark for Penang after all these decades, then it goes to show that you really don’t know how to do your job.

And yes, please, grow some balls and stop blaming others for your failure.

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2 Responses to “Hey, YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, please grow some balls and admit it!”

  1. 1
    Momo Says:

    And Mr. Danny Law will be organizing the Miss Pesta or something like that soon …. no swimsuit one… so more people can join. LOL!! As if tourists want to watch this type of beauty contest?? Even the locals don’t care!Hello? Mr. Law please do not waste more money… and wake up.

    And Mr. Danny Law …. I want my one and a half hour back …. the one and a half hour I spent at the pathetic so called Asean whatever you-call-it! I call it a failure!!Give me back one and a half hour of my life!!

    PS: The Pesta site is vast. I entered thru the main gate and turned left to walk along the street to go to the Rides and then walk all the way back (one big round) to the car park. All along the way, there was NOTHING worth while to see or buy.But I had to walk a big round to find this out.That’s why it took me so long to walk.

  2. 2
    Foong Says:

    Momo: Miss Pesta is an annual event that is not new so let’s wait and see how he screw that up too!

    Sigh…I wasted just as much time there and sadly also wasted some $$ at the funfair as my son wanted to ride on the rusty, dusty kiddie rides there.

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